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Swimming Lessons

Why MVF&H’s Lessons?

  • Private lessons—your child will always receive one-on-one attention.
  • Clean, updated facilities with upgraded equipment.
  • Experienced, high quality instructors.
  • A fun, unique environment that will encourage water safety and quick learning.

Lesson Pricing


  • $120: 8, 30 minute sessions (member cost)
  • $140: 8, 30 minute sessions (nonmember cost)


  • Upon request!

Lesson Levels

  • Waterbabies (6months-3 years): Parent is required to be in the water with the child.
  • Tadpole: Get comfortable in the water. Submerge face, front and back float with support, kicking on front and back with support, and entering and exiting the water independently.
  • Guppy: Float on front and back unsupported for 5 seconds, swim on front 5 yards without assistance, swim on back 5 yards without assistance, and retrieve objects under water chest deep.
  • Minnow: Swim in the front crawl for 10 yards, swim in the back crawl for 10 yards, and bob in water over the swimmer’s head.
  • Slick Seal: Deep water bobs, elementary backstroke for 10 yards, front & back crawl for three lengths of the swimming pool, breaststroke & sidestroke kick with kick board
  • Willy Walrus: Front & back crawl for six lengths of the pool, breaststroke & sidestroke for 10 yards, and elementary backstroke for three lengths of the pool.
  • Park Shark: Flip turns, butterfly, long distance front & back crawl, breaststroke, and sidestroke. Tread water for 5 minutes.

Additional Details

  • Other appointment times may be approved upon request.
  • Pre-Lesson questionnaires MUST be completed before a swimmer will be
    allowed into the pool.
  • If swimmer is under 18, A parent is required to be available by phone
    during the lesson. A parent is required to be present and in the pool
    during the “Waterbabies” course.
  • A swimmer’s level will be determined by a combination of age and swim
    ability. Ask an instructor if you have questions.
  • If an appointment must be cancelled, 24 hour notice is required.

Swim Documents

Swim Questionnaire

Swim Questionnaire

Parental Permission Form

Parental Permission Form

Individual Permission Form

Individual Permission Form