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Oregon Rules Lifted

Hi Everyone,

On June 30th 2021 Oregon lifted many of it’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines. These changes in Oregon COVID-19 rules and guidelines allowed us to no longer require members to wear face coverings, sign up to use the gym, do temperature checks or socially distance while working out. In the excitement of this announcement we forgot to post something to alert our members that we are no longer requiring our members to wear face coverings or socially distance. In celebration of this we have removed the “COVID-19” section of the website.

Don’t be alarmed if you show up to the gym and you see people wearing a face covering. Some people just are not comfortable not wearing them yet, and that is OK with us. Those people are allowed to continue to wear face coverings. You might also see other people walking around the Fitness Center with a face covering on, they might be Mountain Valley Therapy employees. Due to the fact that Mountain Valley Therapy is a listed as a “health care setting” they are still required to wear them as are the patients of Mountain Valley Therapy.

We hope this encourages you to return to the gym face covering free and ready to work out.

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