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Slim In Six-Survival of the Fittest-2020

Are you ready to put yourself to the test? Round of up friends and enter our Slim in Six Survival of the Fittest 2020 challenge.

Teams compete against each other to earn points by: completing fitness challenges, losing body fat, attending group fitness classes, and attending our informational seminars. Whoever comes out on top will receive a CASH PRIZE!  

WHO: YOU + 1-3 friends!

WHAT: 6-week weight loss challenge

WHEN: March 2, 2020- April 10, 2020

WHERE: All weigh-ins, workouts, & seminars will be held at Mountain Valley Fitness & Health

WHY: Learn how to safely lose body fat, gain strength and receive nutritional guidance

COST: $300 per TEAM. (Cash, Check, or C.C) *Non-members can purchase a six week membership. Current members that bring in newbies will receive a bonus point! 

Call 541-663-0462, or stop by and let us know you want to register your team. If you don’t have a team but you still want to join let us know and if we can we will match you with others that are looking for team members.

T H E  R U L E S

  • Teams are made up of 2-4 members
  • Participants weigh-in and body fat measurements must be done by March 1st
  • Each team will have a weekly check-ins with their coach.
  • Coaches will be responsible for weigh-ins, body composition checks, going over food journals, providing feedback, guiding a weekly team workout
  • A weekly weigh-in is required
  • Each coach will host a weekly team workout, and attendance will earn points for your team!

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