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Meal Planning

Our meal planning program is a very unique service offered by Mountain Valley Fitness & Health that you won’t find in any other local fitness facility. It is a fact that proper nutrition is the essential component in a successful fitness program. We utilize DietMaster Pro, a registered dietitian program to create a specific plan for you that will work in conjunction with your lifestyle, your food preferences, and your fitness goals. We will design a plan that will not only maximize your results in the gym but will be easy to follow as well. The meal planning includes;

  • One hour meeting with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • A goal assessment and overview of nutrition basics
  • A detailed meal plan template that has a complete breakdown of calories, macronutrient ratios, and timing of meals
  • An exchange list of foods and portion sizes


  • $40 per meal plan that we create

Simply call: 541-663-0462  or come in to schedule your meal plan!