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Group Fitness

Looking for a fun, friendly environment to motivate and challenge you?

Our Group Fitness has it all, and for every level -whether you want high intensity, low impact, or serious muscle burn, we’ve got the moves that will energize and tone you.

Check out our classes below and Instructors lower on the page.

Class reservations may be done up to 24 hours in advance, either in person or over the phone.

Call 541-663-0462 to reserve your spot in a class today! 

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Group Fitness Classes – We like to mix up our offerings, so not all classes are offered year-around.

Offsite LivFit Classes
Mountain Valley Fitness has partnered with LivFit to offer classes like Zumba, Yoga and YoPi. These classes are conducted offsite from Mountain Valley Fitness at The Art Center (AC): 1006 Penn Ave in La Grande, OR.
Instructor: Olivia Westenskow Visit Liv’s website for more class details!
Days/Times: Click Here for her summer class schedule (her current class times can also be found in our class schedule calendar).Prices: Liv Fit Classes are not included in MVFH membership costs but MVFH members receive a discount for LivFit Classes.

$4 per class for MVFH members


$30 for month of unlimited for MVFH members (regularly $40)

Indoor Cycling
Would you like to pedal your way to a healthier life? If so, join us for an indoor cycling class that advocates using authentic outdoor riding techniques in an indoor setting. Indoor cycling is an experience that will challenge all fitness levels while helping you attain a great workout with powerful results. This class is user-friendly, non-intimidating and appealing to a wide variety of participants who can ride side by side while reaching their own individual fitness goals. 10 Person Capacity
Instructors: Andy Perry, Tracy Christopher and Kirk Creech
Beatz Antique 55+
This class provides a dance/aerobic workout designed for individuals 55 years and older. Featuring music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s! This great workout focuses on balance, posture, core strength, range of motion, and more! No memorizing choreography, just come and have a great time!
Instructors: MaryAnn Zimmerman
Ab-Domination is a 30-minute high intensity core-strengthening class. It includes a variety of exercises that emphasize the muscles of the stomach, obliques, and lower back. Each exercise can be modified to care to participants of all ages and abilities. If you’re ready to push yourself for 30-minutes of grueling abdominal exercises to get a tightened and toned mid-section, come try AB-DOMINATION!
Suspension Training
Suspension Training was developed in the Navy SEALs and uses your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability at the same time. Suspension Training relies on gravity and the user’s body weight to create hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. Come and try this fast, effective, total body workout that is safe for people of ALL fitness levels! 12 Person Capacity
Instructors: Kirk Creech
Ancient Chinese disciplines involving a continuous series of controlled and slow movements. We will practice Qigong exercises as a way to ready the body to practice Yang 24 Simplified Taichi, the practical application of a martial art designed to improve physical and mental well-being. Using the breath, we will ground, center, and open, moving into colorfully named postures, improving our balance and moving with confidence. As you begin to move energy around, you will be astounded at how good it makes you feel and how easy it is to do anywhere!
Instructor: MaryAnn Zimmerman
Water Aichi
A form of Qigong/Taichi practiced in warm water, we will move through 38 steps, starting with “contemplating” and ending with “surrounding”, using the breath to energize us. An incredibly great workout without the impact of gravity, moving in water focuses the mind and allows us to work the body in a way we cannot do on dry land. Excellent for feeling like you CAN, when you’ve been feeling like you can’t.
Instructor: MaryAnn Zimmerman
Senior Circuit
The Senior Circuit is for members 55 years of age or older. Participants move through 12 stations/exercises at a quick tempo (30 seconds to move and 30 seconds at each exercise) for one hour. In a typical session, they will complete five full circuits, doing 60 exercises in 60 minutes. Exercises include those that improve balance and total body strength and endurance. Sessions are limited to 12 participants.
Instructors: Emily Betnar, Kirk Creech
Come experience a high intensity circuit and calorie torching conditioning all while working your core, arms, and legs. This class provides the benefits of cardio and weight training programs. Work it out in the great outdoors!
Instructors: Michael Cooney, Lasa Baxter
HIIT Suspension
This high energy and entertaining class will have you working against your own body weight! Not to worry, this class is made for everyone! Class participants are able to make body weight lifts easy to hard with just one step. You will have complete control over your own straps that are suspended from the ceiling while Trainer Sarah encourages you the entire time. This is an extremely positive environment that members of any fitness level will be able to enjoy. We jump, we lift, and we laugh the whole hour. Learn to control your own body weight and defy gravity with this full-body workout suspension class.
Instructor: to be determined
Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. This popular water aerobics workout is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.
Instructor: Michael Cooney

Build Strength & Stamina! This class is an intermediate level class designed with a combo of strength and cardio. Build muscle and core strength, Keep your bones strong and increase flexibility.  This class incorporates cardio and strength building into a time-efficient and effective workout format. You will complete 10-12 reps at each station, then move onto the next to achieve a full body workout.

Instructors: Michael Cooney

  Awaken Yoga

Joelle Gentry will be instructing Awaken Yoga as a special limited duration class through the summer. Activate your body’s natural healing power as you learn poses and movements founded in Yin and Yoga. Awaken Yoga will focus on Yin style poses that stretch and target deep connective tissues between muscles and the fascia throughout the body. Joelle will guide the class through learning to regulate the body’s flow of energy or chi through long held Yoga poses and guided body movements. Experience the feeling of rejuvenation that arise from a Yin style Yoga as you slow down, focus on the clam and transform the noise in your life into silence and in that silence learn to awaken your soul as you awaken the dawn with this early morning Yoga class.

Instructors: Joelle Gentry

Restore Yoga

Restore Yoga is a special limited duration class offered at Mountain Valley Fitness & Health over the summer by Joelle Gentry. Looking to unwind from a long day, or need a restoration after a long work out? Restore aims to refill your much-depleted energy from that day through the use of passive stretching, meditation, and breath work techniques. Joelle will guide you to achieve mental balance which will aide you in preventing stress and anxiety. This class will flow slowly through Yoga postures designed to elevate your internal heat over time and then conclude with restorative Yoga postures which settle the mind and body. If your spirit is willing try Restore Yoga to bring your body into restoration.

Instructors: Joelle Gentry

Buti Yoga

Dynamic, energetic, rhythmic, primal, tribal, this isn’t your Momma’s yoga. Mountain Valley Fitness and Health is bringing to you Buti Yoga taught by certified Buti Yoga instructor Colleen McIntosh. Are you ready to sweat with intention? Colleen will guide students of all levels through her hour long Buti Yoga class where she will combine rhythmic tribal style dancing with yoga poses. This fast paced class is a must for anyone looking to get their heart rate going to modern up beat music. Colleen will help you to channel the movement side of your soul through yoga poses tied to fast past cardio sprints. If you want to sweat off the pounds while you stretch and move your body the rhythm of the music then Buti Yoga is the class for you.

Instructors: Colleen McIntosh