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Meet Our Staff


Lasa’s passion and emphasis is on coaching and training athletes in strength, endurance, agility, quickness and speed. Her specialties include group, youth and women’s fitness. She earned a BS in Business and Health Promotion, ASEP National coaching, NASM CPT. She enjoys a variety of outdoor sports, playing and coaching high school volleyball, time spent with family and her sidekick, dog, Finn. Lasa says “I enjoy coaching and mentoring others in health and fitness and feel it is a life calling to do so.”


Kirk Creech | Trainer, TRX

Kirk has been with Mountain Valley Fitness since 2013. Kirk enjoys teaching a wide range of classes, from working with HS athletes to perfecting their technique and performance to those with physical challenges and our Senior Circuit. Kirk also teaches Cycling, Yoga, Suspension Training and Personal Training. Kirk enjoys family time, cross country skiing, running and hiking. Sign up for a class with Kirk – a stickler for form and technique “all core, all the time and breathe!”


Cody Laurence | NASM CPT

Cody is not new to Personal Training and worked at MVFH while attending EOU. Cody then stepped aside to complete his goal and degree in Exercise Science. Cody’s attitude to “make the world a better place” begins with his passion for body transformation through muscle gain, weight loss and body sculpting. When not in the gym, you will find Cody in a variety of outdoor activities and sports, snowboarding or target shooting. It has also been said that Cody has a secret skill as the “dog whisperer.” Visit with Cody for weight loss/muscle gain and phenomenal body sculpting techniques.


Summer Steele | ISSA CPT

Summer is passionate about bringing a holistic approach to fitness – breath, balance, strength, and nutrition. It all matters! She is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and is currently studying to become a Physical Therapist.  Summer has been working in the fitness industry since 2003 and has a wide array of experiences, but she specializes in athletes and corrective exercise to restore strength and balance after injury or long periods of inactivity.  Her own favorite forms of exercise is training for a Spartan Race, martial arts, and road cycling.


Cally Goss | ACE CPT

Cally has been a long-term resident of La Grande, moving from Yakima at age 6. Cally attended La Grande schools and EOU where she received her Bachelor in Arts and Education. She enjoys teaching, coaching and helping people succeed in accomplishing their athletic/fitness goals. Maybe you know Cally from her years of community service coaching basketball, volleyball and softball as well as leading mission trips through Youth for Christ and teaching art and her involvement with Scouting. Cally and her husband, Mark enjoy golfing, outdoor activities and spending time at their mountain cabin. They also enjoy spending time with their 3 grown children and 3 grandkids. Cally is passionate about fitness and helping a variety of fitness levels and age groups to make their goals achievable.

Michael Herbst | ACE CPT

Michael’s passion lies in living an active lifestyle, his faith, friends, family and the sport of weightlifting. Michael is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach as well as an Exercise Science student at EOU. Michael previously worked in aviation, fueling planes and helicopters and grew up with the positive influence of his three older brothers. Michael set 6 state records in snatch and the clean and jerk and he is currently working toward a national medal at University Nationals for weightlifting. Michael enjoys outdoor adventures in his truck, salted dark chocolate and can do an array of backflips and aerial tricks. His motto is “believe in yourself and do not let mistakes or fear of mistakes hold you back or bring you down.”


Ian McLean | BS in Exercise Science

Ian is passionate about physical therapy and basketball and his ultimate goal is to become a Physical Therapist. Before deciding he wanted to become a personal trainer, Ian was a gym aide over at Mountain Valley Therapy. Ian is well known for his impersonations and his love of Brad Pitt. Seriously…he put down Brad Pitt as not only his hero but also his secret weakness. Ian has a cat named Kitten Jones (aka KJ) who is the “must have” in his life. Ian specializes in sports specific training and post physical therapy training. On the weekends, he enjoys being lazy, playing basketball, watching marvel movies, and avoiding horses at all costs.

Michael Cooney | NASM CPT

Michael Cooney specializes in calisthenics, aquatics, and explosive performance. Formerly a gym aide at Mountain Valley Therapy, Michael possesses his NASM certification and is now a trainer at Mountain Valley Fitness & Health. Michael has saved his best friend from drowning once and wants his next adventure to be climbing the Himalayas and visiting a Monastery. Outside of personal training, Michael enjoys Hiking Swimming, Cliff jumping, video games, traveling, and climbing.

Emily Spears | BS in Exercise Science

Emily or “Em” as some people like to call her was formerly a gym aide at Mountain Valley Therapy but now looks forward to her next adventure as a personal trainer with Mountain Valley Fitness & Health. But this won’t be Emily’s first-time teaching, she has been a swim instructor here at MVFH for some time as well. Outside of teaching swim lessons and personal training, Emily is passionate about her family, friends, and helping others. She also enjoys anything and everything to do with water; swimming, boating, wake boarding, tubing, and even cliff jumping! Emily’s motto is “strive to be the best that you can be and encourage others around you to do the same.”